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Snow Biking or Ski Biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular Extreme Snow Sport. Don't believe me? Try going to YouTube and searching for "Snow Bike". What you'll find is a lot of people making their own snow bikes, ski bikes, or snow bmx from old parts in the garage and a pair of chopped off skis from grandpa's attic. Take the risk and guesswork out of making you own; we've spent three years developing the Storm to meet the demands of the most avid Snow Biker.
Resorts that rent Geary Snow Bikes
Magic Valley Resort - Twin Falls, ID
HooDoo Resort - Sisters, OR

Other Places to Ride Geary Snowbikes
Please check ASA (American Ski-Bike Association)for updated locations. If you are traveling a long distance please call the resort to verify they will allow ‘Foot Traffic” and Snow Bikes.

OA = Open Access RA = Restricted Access CRA = Chaperoned Restricted Access- (Group Rides) R = Rentals L = Lessons
N = No privately owned bikes allowed P = Permit required FOA = Foot Traffic Open Access FRA = Foot Traffic Restricted Access FNA = Foot Traffic No Access

Bear Valley: RA / Note: Leash required
Dodge Ridge
OA / Foot-skis & leash required
Donner Ski Ranch: OA / R /  Note: Leash required
Heavenly Mountain: OA / R / Note: Leash and private bike inspection required?
Mt Baldy: OA / FOA /  Note: 1 bike per chair, novices to be supervised
at Tahoe: OA / FOA
Sierra at Tahoe: OA / FOA /
Soda Springs: OA / FOA / Note: Leash required
• Colorado
Arapahoe Basin: OA / FRA / Note: Leash required on lift
Buttermilk: RA / FRA /
Copper Mountain: OA / FOA /  
Durango Mountain: OA / FRA /  R / L / P /
Eldora: CRA / R / L / N /
Keystone: OA / FOA? / R / L /
Telluride: OA / FRA /  R / L / P /
Vail: CRA / R / L / N /
Winter Park: OA / FOA/ R / L / Note: Rentals available for lessons only
• Idaho
Silver Mountain: OA / FOA / Note: 1 rider per chair /  Foot-skis required
Tamarack: OA
Magic Mountain: OA
Soldier Mountain: OA
Kelly Canyon: OA
Brundage: OA
• Montana
Big Mountain: OA / R /
Blacktail Mountain: OA
Great Divide: OA / R /
Showdown: OA / R / L /
Turner Mountain: OA /  Note: 22 miles north of Libby
• Nevada
LasVegas Ski Resort: OA
• New Mexico
Angel Fire: OA /
Sipapu: OA / FOA / R / L/  Note: Leash required
Ski Apache:  RA / FRA / R /
Anthony Lakes: OA / FOA / Note: Leash required on lift & slope
Hoodoo: OA / R / L /
Mount Ashland:  OA / Note: Leash required
Mount Hood SkiBowl: RA / FNA / R / L /  
• Utah
Beaver Mountain: OA / FNA /
Brighton:  OA Note: Detachables Only, Leash required on lift
Powder Mountain:  OA Note: Leash required on lift
Wolf Mountain:  OA Note: Leash required on lift
SnowBasin:  OA Note: Leash required on lift
Brian Head:  OA Note: Leash required on lift
• Washington
Mt. Baker: OA
The Summit at Snoqualmie: OA  / FOA / Note: Chair loading limitations, ask for info
Stevens Pass: OA  / FOA /
Crystal: OA  / FOA /

• Connecticut
Woodbury: OA / Note: Foot-skis required
• New York
Toggenburg: OA / Note: Leash required
• Maine
Camden Snow Bowl: OA / Note: Foot-skis & Leash required
Shawnee Peak: RA / R / L /
• Maryland
Ski Wisp:OA / R / L /
• Massachusetts
Blue Hills: OA / Note: Foot-skis & Leash required
Wachusett Mountain: RA /  Note: Weekdays only
• Minnesota
Spirit Mountain: OA /  Note: Leash required
• New Hampshire
Black Mountain:OA /
Crotched Mountain: OA / FOA
Loon Mountain: OA / R / L /
Ragged Mountain: OA / Note: Foot-skis & Leash required
Waterville Valley: RA / Note: Leash required
• Rhode Island
Yawgoo Valley: OA /
• Vermont
Jay Peak Ski Resort : OA / FOA / Note: Leash required
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