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Snow Biking or Ski Biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular Extreme Snow Sport. Don't believe me? Try going to YouTube and searching for "Snow Bike". What you'll find is a lot of people making their own snow bikes, ski bikes, or snow bmx from old parts in the garage and a pair of chopped off skis from grandpa's attic. Take the risk and guesswork out of making you own; we've spent three years developing the Storm to meet the demands of the most avid Snow Biker.

- Gregg's Cycle - Greenlake, WA
- Revolution Cycle - Seattle, WA
- Dirt Dart Mobile Bike - Boise, ID
- Pedal the Peaks - Durango, CO
- Gear Peddler - Bend,OR
- Ski Bike Fun - Albuquerque, NM
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Type: Lightweight, All Mountain, Full Suspension Snow Bike
Frame: Steel Frame Construction | G3 Geometry | 6061 Aluminum Swingarm | Sealed Ball Bearings
Suspension: 5" Travel rear swingarm w/ adjustable shock | 100mm Travel Forks
Boards: Snow bike specific boards
Features: Storm features G3 frame geometry designed specifically for riding on snow | Fully progressive rear suspension with 120mm travel | Patented folding Toptube and Safety Bracket to allow easy load/unload on lifts
Specifications subject to change without notice.

2009/2010 Model Price - $995 +s/h*

*U.S. Orders Only

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