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Snow Biking or Ski Biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular Extreme Snow Sport. Don't believe me? Try going to YouTube and searching for "Snow Bike". What you'll find is a lot of people making their own snow bikes, ski bikes, or snow bmx from old parts in the garage and a pair of chopped off skis from grandpa's attic. Take the risk and guesswork out of making you own; we've spent three years developing the Storm to meet the demands of the most avid Snow Biker.

from Chris Newman on Vimeo.

The 2010 Storm is a serious piece of machinery. No toys here. It is designed for those who seek adventure and fun. If you are serious about keeping up your riding skills during winter you need to ride the Storm.

With our patented fold-down top tube, loading and unloading the Storm on chairlifts is a breeze. It is so simple anyone can enjoy the freedom of snow biking, whether it's bustin' a 540 tail-whip in the terrain park or carving through fresh powder at your favorite resort the Storm is for you.

The Storm is also designed to be stable in a variety of snow conditions and terrain. Our snow bike specific skis will perform on groomers, icy, and powder conditions. If you are serious about action sports you need to ride a Storm.

Avid snowbikers will agree that your riding experience is much better with proper goggles, such as these Oakley goggles.
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